For the production of tubes are provided the three classic machines used for the treatment of the welding line such as external BEAD GRINDER - Model SC for the outside removal of the welding track with the use of a grinding belt and the  BEAD ROLLER MODEL - LM for the inside and outside rolling of the welding line.

Together with this machine is possible to consider also the model PLS  for orbital polishing of the tubes before cut to length or the model SPZ for square shaped tubes lengthwise polishing.

Grinding and Polishing of flat tubes and bars.

Model LM - BEAD ROLLER for the welding track

This model is used for the mechanical rolling of the welding line directly on the mill.

A strong system powered by an hydraulic power pack for a fast and constant reciprocating action on the weld.

The machine is available in two sizes for different pipes ranges from id 16 up to 100 mm and for up to 210 mm inside diameter

With all adjustment including stroke and speed programmable by main PLC.

Bead roller detail

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Machines for:

Bead roller complete set

Model SC - BEAD GRINDER for the welding track

Automatic belt grinding system for the removal of the welding line directly on the mill, by the use of an oscillating gridning belt with controlled pressure and adjustable angle according to welding track position.

Installed in single or in two pieces for higher speed welding line.

The machine is supplied completed of tank and filtration system for the coolant liquid.

Bead grinder installed

SC Bead grinder is availabe in one unique model

covering the full range of pipes from 6 up to 220 mm of diameter.

With possibility to have version in stainless steel and different size of belts in any combination of dimension from width 150 up to 200 and length up to 3.500 mm for longer life.

Bead grinders under assembling

BAck to machines for tubes 

  In-line machine for tube welding mills